How do you solve a problem like the situation in Israel?

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    Stop giving Israel all the attention it gets in the media. There are more journalists in Israel than any where else on earth except Washington, D.C. Tell everyone that there are no refugees, these 'palestinian refugees', really arabs, are people who obeyed their religious and political leaders in 1948 when they were given two choices. Stay and kill Jews with the invading arab armies or get out of the way. Real refugees are forced out by a government or invading hostile army and real refugees status does not pass to consequent generations, real refuges have one UN agency, UNHCR, only the palestinians have their very own extra special UN agency. People need to educated themselves and stop believing all the propaganda and anti-Semitic media and their anti-Semitic politicians. The world hates Israel because they've survived so many attempts to exterminate them, they represent God and the world does not want God to exist.

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    The US needs to cut off its billion dollar funding until Israel removes most of its illegal settlers in the West Bank, who are continually annexing Palestinian territory. There only about 280,000 of these religious crazies there, and we should try to move most of them; even a majority of Israelis agree with returning to 1967 borders in a final peace settlement. We can monetarily compensate any settlers who we move, but move they must.

    Then, afterwards, declare a Palestinian State side by side an Israeli State with both "sharing" a capital in Jerusalem, which will be governed by the UN for the next 50 years. Next, tell Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigade, whoever the hell, to recognize Israel's right to exist and stop launching rockets, terrorist attacks etc. Should they fail to heed these warnings, they will have no excuse, and we, the US, can even help Israel bomb/attack them. However, seeing as most Palestinian groups have stated they will be happy with a return to 1967 borders this shouldn't happen.

    There you go, problem solved, just have to deal with the minority religious fanatic crazies on both sides, so the normal vast majority can live in peace.

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    1. No. God had already told them they could eat any fruit of any tree other than the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil. 2. "Immortal" does not mean "invulnerable"; they are two different words with two different meanings. Being immortal in the flesh does not imply they could not drown, they could not starve, etc. It only means that barring any accidents, they would not die of old age. 3. Bodily waste is the natural result of taking in food, so yes. 4. Somehow the idea of relieving oneself in your own bathroom doesn't seem strange to me at all, and I'm sure they had the brains to know how to separate themselves when they had to relieve themselves. 5. The Bible doesn't discuss these things because it isn't necessary; it's rather a "DUH!" kind of thing. It never talks about them breathing, either; but do you honestly think they never breathed? (Some kind - even a wee smidgen - of common sense, goes a long way. Are YOU lacking in that area?)

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    Defeat Israel.

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    1. u identify the cause of said problem...before israel = no problem

    with israel= lots of problems

    2. remove problem . almost every israeli has two passports an israeli passport , and a passport from where he/she comes from ex.russia , usa, poland...etc , the israelis can use those passports to go home.

    3.any israelis without other passports may remain in the nation of Palastine

    Problem solved

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    Which problem are you talking about? If it is muslim extremists and their daily terror attacks aimed at killing anyone and everyone...well I doubt that problem will ever go away.

    Anyone who thinks there was ever peace in that region of the world, seriously needs to consider giving up the recreational drug use.

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    What problem, muslim extremists? Israel does a pretty good job with them so far.

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    Arabs have to accept the Jewish state. Palestinians (HAMAS) need to stop the constant war against Israel and accept a two state solution. Then, American and other world aid will pour in to build a Palestinian state and Palestinians can flourish. Israel will relax its borders.

    Source(s): Up to to Palestinians.
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    The quickest way to world peace?

    Ban all religions, erase all borders and marry someone a different colour to yourself.....what's to argue about then?



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    kick out the israelis . There was peace before they came and there will be peace after they leave.

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