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How much is too much.....?

Ok so I asked in another question if too much masturbation can cause carpal tunnel

simply because, hey look my girl friend is not in the mood all the time and I just get it done myself.......... whats the big deal?

I only go for like 3-6 times a day depending just on my mood/day

but people were giving me crazy answers like I might have problems, or it will lead to others behaviors or homosexual things?

what the hell?

how does that happen? Iam just curious how does my gf ,is not in the mood so I masturbate more than other guys..... go to that???

so am I doing it too much I mean I feel fine all the things and porn I look at are straight..........

I mean unless you mean gay as in lesbian then you would be right :P

but seriously can I get an answer here?



it does not feel like abuse to me .....not at all :D

Update 2:

Hm how would you know thats too much SamiGirl?:D haha, no seriously, I kid though....thanks for the answer

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    Here's your final answer: no problems, no gateway to other behaviors or homosexual things. Just enjoy yourself - 3 to 6 times a day is no big deal as long it's what you want. All the other BS about "other behaviors", "going homo", whatever, are just that.


    If it gets to the point that you don't enjoy it (like maybe the 12th time in one day), then you won't do it.

    Repeat after me: it's not a problem - it's normal - it's healthy.

    Ignore the other silliness you've received by way of reply.

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    The only thing that may cause a problem is burning the skin by friction, Use a lube, its over the counter and can be bought without talking to anyone at a drug store. KY is the brand name of one that doesnt cause many allergies. NO problems can come from masterbation. This is a religous problem not a physical one. If you please your woman orally she will be more willing to have sex. Be safe use protection.

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    3-6 is an awfully lot for a day, but hey you sound like a teenager, so it's normal for your hormones to rage and you to masturbate. If you do that everyday for to long though, it could become increasingly hard to get... well, hard. It will not turn you gay, especially if its to straight porn and you are still having sex with your girlfriend, so fear not!

    Good Luck!


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    nothing happens..

    only an opinion: you should spend more time doing other things and not just mast. all the time.

    keep your mind busy on something else'

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    DUDE!!!! use it don't ABUSE IT!!! lol!!!!

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