Is it bad to leave my laptop on the charger ALL the time?

I've had a Macbook since december 2008. (The battery doesn't last very long, is that normal?) My laptop is usually at home since I'm at school all day. I always just leave it on the charger all day whenever I'm not at home. When I'm too lazy to unplug the charger, I'll be sitting down with my laptop disconnected & let it run til around 10% battery power left, then I'll charge it. Is it bad to leave it on the charger all the time? I've heard that ruins battery life.

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    yes, your battery will lose the ability of holding charge

    remember the best way to maintain a battery is to use it

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    Don't freak because these people are idiots. First it will not fry your machine or make it depend on the charger it just simply shortens the amount of time your battery lasts. I leave it in the charger all the time for two years and my batter now last 30 minutes. maybe 20 it's sad but I just have to bring my charger with me where ever I go. What you can do is if it gets bad like mine is buy a new battery or just use your battery until its dead that take a break and charge it. You're right it does ruin the battery life. I have the Macbook pro so we have the same battery. Also if you follow MrPants's instructions this will extend your battery life a little bit but its like licking dead batteries and putting them back in your camera it won't be longer forever so you must not drain the battery life in the first place.

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    Leaving the charger plugged in is not bad...but you should let the battery completely drain to 0% sometimes. Drain the laptop's battery, then take it out when it dies. Leave it out for a day or 2 and just use the plug while the battery is out. Then put the battery back in and let it charge, you will probably notice a longer charge.

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    Batteries wear out over time. It is not bad to leave the charger in all the time. The internal charging aparatus will automatically stop charging with the battery is full.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Like with any battery, let it completely drain and then make sure it charges up all the way, you'll maxamize battery life this way. Leaving it plugged shouldnt have any negative effects.

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    ive had 2 computers and if you keep them plugged in constantly the battery will depend on it which in the end severly affects the batterie life it sucks i know but just take the charger everywhere you go

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    Yes, it will do harm to the battery when you do like this. Batter has memories, so please take off the battery when you power the pc by the ac adapter and please recharge your battery when the power runs out and you do not use the pc. You can get more information at

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    Yes, it ruins battery life. Same if you don't recharge something after awhile.

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    you should let your batt run down about once every 10 to 15 days or within a year or so it will go bad

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    not bad

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