Review on 3D Concert Experience? Jonas.?

Of the Jonas Brothers haha!

I loved it, especially the effects, if your a fan of course you would! I give it 8/10 it was interesting, and funny at times.

But I know its like from 5 months ago, but it was name worst movie ever. I don't think it really deserved that, what did they ever do to you?

It was 1.5 out of 10?

Where did all you bratty fans go? Is IMBd immune to fans or WHAT?

I just really enjoyed it and their music.

It's not about the group or the other people, its about the individual and their emotions upon it. Not only you.

If you haven't watched it, I don't intend you to answer.


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  • Katie
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    1 decade ago
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    ha ha i love the jonas brothers especially Nick lol

    i have never seen it though i really want too. i have seen clips on youtube where joe takes off his shirt....i will watch the whole freakin movie for just that clip.... dang!!!! it's just sad nick never did, lol

    anyways... in another question you said they like girls in leggings, i am so excited cause i had no idea and i was going to wear them anyways to a concert this Friday!!!

    and my shirt is purple dang, they better notice me lol

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