What do guy smiles mean ?

I totally think i'm over think this ,but went a guy smile at you went your talking does that mean any thing or is it him just try to be nice ???? Cause there's a guy that did that to me and it confused me a little.

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    He was probably flirting :)

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    1 decade ago

    There are many more things going on than just the words coming out...the body makes unconscious motions "revealing truth" and actual feelings.

    1. Smile and his eyes crinkle or gets "crow's feet" he is being genuine.

    2. Flat smile with no eye crinkle he is just being nice and is forcing a smile. Or a "polite smile" Or a nervous smile. If he eyes are big and not blinking often, it could have been nerves...look into the eyes and find the crinkle for a happy smile.

    3. One side of his mouth smiles: Contempt or Pride

    -It's not "guy smiles" its the facial expression in general.

    Also, if you were smiling he could have been mirroring you, which means he is intersted. If he moves/stands/shifts the same way you do, he is interested. It doesn't mean he is in love, it is just his body chemisty fixing onto you.

    More mouth signs:

    Lip licking - emotional (soothing method)

    Lip bite - anxious

    Tongue touches teeth - mental screw up (they want to retract what was said)

    I totally looking into little things too - so I made a career out of it.

    Good luck! :)

    Source(s): What every body is saying: Joe Navarro & Dr. Paul Ekman
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