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HCXY asked in PetsRodents · 1 decade ago

Are my baby rats blind, how do you know? ... ):?

i just got two baby rats not too long ago. they both are basically white with a tiny hint of beige... also red eyes. whether they are in their cage or out with me they always seem to have their eyes half shut if not all the way shut. i understand that they're babies, and sleep when i rub their heads and such... but i think they may be blind? it almost looks like there is a film over their eyes that my other rats don't have. and my other rat's eyes are wide open as can be.

and a friend of mine just got another pet rat too, and it's younger than my boys... yet his eyes are wide open, and mine only seem to open their eyes half way it almost seems like when we first got them about a week ago their eyes were open all the time... but i don't know if there is something wrong with them

is there anyway to tell other than going to the vet? and i already know that red eyed rats have a harder time of seeing and normally sway to see better. they havn't swayed yet, that i have seen... but i was just wondering how i could tell

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    Perhaps your babies are very sensitive to light. Try playing with them in a dimly lit room and see if they open their eyes wider.

    If you are really concerned, please bring them to a vet. Although rats can live just FINE without eyesight, problems with eyes can be VERY painful and I'm sure you don't want your babies to suffer. Rats are very, very, very good at hiding pain and illness from us, so don't let the fact that they SEEM normal keep you from going to a vet. If you do think there is something wrong with their eyes, they need a vet.

    Good luck!

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    I only know a few ways to find out whats wrong:

    1. wave something small in front of their face, but not to close, if they follow the object, then are probably not blind.

    2. Maybe they might be sick or have a disease.

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    They could be blind. If you need to, take them to a vet and see what he/she says. But you never know. They could be sick, too. If they have red eyes, they're albinos, and albinos are more prone to sickness. I would take them to the vet.

    Good luck!

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    that doesnt mean theyre blind, blind rats still open there eyes. i have a blind rat, she gets terrified if you pick her up or put her somewhere strange

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