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Any tips to get my annoying sister to leave me alone?

My sister is only one year younger than me and now she annoys me literally ALL THE TIME. At home, she's so loud, yells and talks A LOT, but once we go to church, she's shy and quiet. She follows me everywhere, which makes me mad because I need my own space. Plus, she makes me look bad because everyone thinks that she's 'innocent' when they have never seen her at home. There is not a minute or a second when I can be alone. She hangs out with me and my friends and oddly, she's talkative around them. I just want her to leave me alone and stop hanging out with my friends. When she hangs out with me and my friends, I feel like I have to babysit her. I have confronted her about this and she still continues to do it. I have been putting up with this for a year now. Now I can't even take it anymore.


I'm 16 and she's 15.

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    Kill her

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    First, recognize that your sister only does this because she adores you and wants to be around you all the time.

    Second, it would drive me crazy too!

    You need to talk to her again but this time take a different approach. Tell her that you love her and you like the fact that she wants to be around you, but that you and your friends need to be alone sometimes. Explore with her why she's not hanging out with her own friends. Then tell her that she needs to do more of that but that it doesn't mean she can't hang out with you SOMETIMES.

    Then be true to your word. If she tries to hang out with you next time, just politely say 'do you mind leaving us alone?' (not GET OUT!). If she doesn't then shut her out of the room or go somewhere with your friends alone.

    When you are alone again, seek her out and spend a little time with her to let her know that you are not cutting her out of your life because you hate her. Kids can be very sensitive when rejected.

    Although I understand how annoying this is, as you get older you and your sister should be great friends, so try not to let this become a really big issue between you. In a year or two you may be grateful that she wants to hang out with you - or sorry that she doesn't!

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    just ask her to back off a little.. but im sure she just looks up to you.. and wants to be like you thats what little sisters do.. even if they are annoying in the process.. but in a few years she will get less annoying and when you move out of the house you will miss her.. so spend as much time with her as you can now.. if you dont you might end up regretting that later.

    -God bless

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    Sounds like you're neglecting her and she wants some attention from you. Spend some time with her each day, even if it's just 30 minutes. Talk to her about stuff, play with her, gossip about celebrities, etc.

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    try giving her some new toys to play with if you can, distract her. don't tell her your leaving to go see your friends.or you could even go along with it, she might be doing it to annoy you, so if you go along with it, she'll get bored, and stop.

    hope this helps.

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