Accused of a crime that doesn't apply. What can I do to charge them back.?

So I happen to live in a Condo. We have a pool ( which everyone pays for monthly in the condo fees $140~). It is open 24/7, no pool hours posted, and a no trespassing sign. I have the condo rules and it clearly says open 24 hours. It's only closed for the winter months.

Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my neighbors accusing me of things they did not witness, record or hear from another individual. Last night my friends and I enjoy a very quiet night by the pool ( didn't even swim). We left after 30 mins or so. No police or complaints.

I received a call from a police officer at 10 p.m. tonight saying my friends were pulled over last night, said they were here and that was it. This morning, apparently someone from my place, or management company, reported me and my friends for trespassing, stating it was after pool hours. First, like I said, there are no pool hours, and second, they actually only knew my friends were involved because they admitted it last night. So a woman who called this in, had the police go back and check these records or something like that. They give me a call, and tell me they're writing all 4 of my friends tickets. I will also receive a ticket for trespassing at my own place.

I know all of this is BS, and will be impossible to charge me with, but i'm FED up with these crazy neighbors who make stuff up. I want to find out who reported us, and charge them with harassment and false accusations. If it was trespassing, the police should have come that night. No questions asked. Someone should've came down and asked who was there. Nothing happened, but the next night ( tonight) I have to deal with this crap from the previous night.

Tell me what steps I need to do, because I'm seriously done. Someone is going to learn the hard way they can't make things up and accuse me of crimes that aren't real. Especially someone who reports it the next morning.


To summarize; No pool hours posted in neither visible sight, nor in the rules. There are absolutely no signs saying you cannot trespass.

Friends were pulled over night of and admitted to being here when asked where they were coming from.

Someone who lives here, or manages the place reported trespassing on my 4 friends and I the following morning.

No police showed up that night, the next day or anything. They must have taken the report and saw 4 people admitted to being here and that must be the 4 people. No one investigated to see if it was really trespassing, they just took someone's word and the police already wrote tickets.

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    Find yourself an attorney first. Then fight the ticket with the rules you have possession of. Show them that it's not trespassing since the pool is open 24 hours and you live there. Then discuss with your attorney approaches to charging the person with harassment and false accusations. Especially if this isn't the first time.

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    That I supposed is the mistakes of the owner of the condo by not posting on visible corner of the pool or side corner of the place that there are no pool hours/open 24/7 that people are aware of what they should be expecting. You own a unit in the condo correct? As a unit owner you should know definitely the rules & regulations of the place. Ignorance of the rules is unexcusable. Just like every said here on the forum you need a legal counsel for your own defense.

    Yup you are practically correct nobody is allowed to make up things that doesn't exist at all and accuse you of a crime that is not even a crime to begin with. You and your lawyer should wait for the complaint to reach the desk of the police if it happen to do so. You will have the chance to face your accusers naturally in due time in the court. And since this is just a made up story, I suppose one day soon the charges of your 4 friends will be dropped.

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    Chelsea is right, you are going to need an attorney to get your friends off and then go after your condo association. Since your friends were there at your invitation, they were not trespassing. Since the rules of the association do not limit the pools use, you are free to do what you want there. Your attorney should be able to get the original complaint and find out who filed it. You sue that person and the association.

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