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A Question about Gamma Rays?

If I had a fallout shelter that was 12 feet in height from the inside, and 10 feet of substances such as Brinks, Cinder Blocks, Sand, Etc.. and 40 feet of Packed Earth, all of which is over 60 feet under the ground, could Gammy Rays make it down THAT far???

I know they can travel through anything, but I was talking about I was away from Ground Zero and the fallout only drifted by. Or if I was sort of by Gorund Zero, would I be safe from Gamma Rays that far into the ground?


Well, doesn't all radiation go away after 2 weeks?? or most for that matter.

Actually, lets say I was no where near Ground Zero, but the fallout drifted by a bit, after spending over a year lets say in a huge fully stocked shelter, after that period of time will radation still be there???

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    What you describe is severe overkill. A foot or two of Earth will stop gamma rays.

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    Yes you would

    That is enough material to stop gamma rays.

    The problem is that you would have to come out some time.

    If the source of the gamma rays is still around, that is when the gamma rays would get you.

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