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Brainstorm ideas for NEW short story?

Ok so i was giving some thought to finally creating a short story of my own, its been a while, seeing as how creative writing wasnt well accepted in high school as essays were, and the thought of writing more essays in college is overwhelming...

I was thinking of some type of original plot for either a horror story possibly dealing with the paranormal like ghosts and demons and such (that kind of stuff tends to scare me the most and its usually less corny as your typical hack and slash type story/movie) as for my other idea which i tend to be leaning more towards, i was thinking like a type of heart breaking inspirational tale of a boy who maybe didnt have much friends and found a friend in an older man who happened to tell him stories about the old days etc but who becomes diagnosed with alzheimers, and through this the boy must witness the old mans degeneration until the man finally dies, but somehow the boy learns something and comes to a sort of epiphany by the end of the story

also please tell me what you think of my poem as well:;_ylt=An30P...

thanks so much!

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    i really liked the one about the old man and the boy, it is sort of like stephen kings 'the low men', but take a look at the story before you think your idea is unoriginal as it is still very different. the only similarity is the old man and the young boy.

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