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Suitable thanks you gift for work?

Hi I have been doing work experience in an animal hospital for just over a year now (1 day a week) for study. The staff has been very kind and helpful to me and greatly appreciate what they have done and the work they do.

It was my last day the other day, but I want to give them a gift to show my gratitude that I will then give them tommorow.

I bought them a nice thank you card, 2 boxes of chocolates and a box of nice flowers. My mom thinks it might be a bit too much and I'm not too sure now if it looks like I'm trying too hard or if they think I expect them to ask me to come back next year or something which isn't why I bought them the gift.

Please any thoughts or advice is appreciated, if you we're working there and a work experience student gave you flowers chocolates ect..would you think that it is weird?

Thankyou :)

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    Yes, the card, chocolates and flowers are very thoughtful of you to thank them for having you be part of their team. No, it was not too much; they will be able to enjoy them for at least a week. I think you are one in only 10% of the population that would go out of their way to show their appreciation. When you give something without expecting anything in return, that is the best in giving. Your mom has reason to be proud of you. Best Wishes!

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    your gift was just sign of gratitude ,and its not that much they will think of you later that your a nice and lovable person.

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    Sounds very nice and not too much. good choice. :)

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