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can you name me some anime to watch that envolves powers action and love ?

wene i refere to love is the type of love that manteins you in suspense .... like is he's going to end up with here.. like that jeje .. i jus like that type of anime.. and that envolves powers and ****

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    Kaze no stigma

    To ara majustsu no index

    Shakugan no shana 1 and 2 + movies.

    Busou renkin




    nabari no ou

    zombie loan

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    Shugo Chara

    Mermaid Melody

    Cardcaptor Sakura


    This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

    Vampire Knight

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    Maid Sama Kamisama Kiss specific A Kamichama Karin Peach female Amnesia InuXBoku SS Hiiro No Kakera Snow White With The purple Hair save Me Lollipop The Wallflower MANGA- Black chook one hundred% acceptable female

  • Bleach definetly there r so many girls tht fall for the protagonist but he's always clueless so its one sided love but u think he'll end up with one girl and then another comes along and keeps u guessing

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    ok im gonna ask a question here...why is love blocked out? well i assume thats love

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    try this:





    tales of the abyss

    d.n. angel

  • 1 decade ago

    sailor moon

    cardcaptor sakura

    tokyo mew mew

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