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How many different thoughts can we have at once?

Like is there a limit on how many thoughts our brain can think at once?

Sorry if this question is/sounds stupid.

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    lol i take psychology at school so to me its not stupid :)

    in your short term memory, which contains all the info that you are consciously thinking about at any moment in time, you can hold on average 7 pieces of information however at times you can also hold 5 or 9 pieces of information.

    hope that helps :)

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    Its like asking if someone can multitask... some people can.. and some people can't.

    So some people can think lots of thoughts and have multiple ideas going at the same time, while others are simple minded.

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    depends on the person. if I wanted to, I could hold as many thoughts as I want. it's seriously not worth the effort.

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