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Back to School Shopping on a semi-budget?

I'm going back to school shopping and my parents are giving me $150, plus I am spending 200-300$ of my own. I don't need to go back to school in couture or anything, just cute, fashionable clothes (and accessories) for a decent price. So, where should I begin, and what can I get for this budget? Also, what are essentials that I must purchase? (not school supplies, my mom's a teacher) I am 16 and am kind of trying to go for a new look, but preferably not anything goth or scene. Any and all help/ advice would be great. Thanks!


Um, excuse me, but I am not a spoiled brat. I had to work at a demeaning, terrible job that paid minimum wage all summer in order to earn that money. And I put half of what I made into savings. So excuse me if I want to spend a little of it on something nice for myself.

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    Well since your older, you probably want something more sophisticated right?

    I suggest getting a classy mature fashionable look from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and stores like that.

    Get heels, fashionable ankle boots, and all that jazz - some cute charm necklaces, and chains, pearls are very fashionable too. Some scarfs too.

    Get pencil skirts, and dresses - stuff that is cute but still sophisticated, you know? Tunics, with leggings are so comfy - and with a waist belt, it looks really fashionable too. Get big chunky rings in vintage shapes and colors.

    For shirts, get some graphic tshirts with high fashion styled graphics, like an outline of a girl or an old camera - stay away from snoopy and the cartoons. Also, get some cute shirts that have ruffles on them, lace is a great classy touch. Get a couple of tank tops that are simple colored, or have a nice pattern -pair them with a cute cardigan too.

    You can get hair accessories, like little bows, and clips that are very cute this time of year.

    I personally love the abstract mature artsy look - but you can go from there and branch out into bohemian styled, surfer, victorian, etc.

    Also, go to tjmaxx, marshalls, and ross for really great savings - they have all the designer brands and cute things youd find somewhere else, for super super low prices. Trust me, if you search through those racks - you will find some super cute, and UNIQUE - most items are only in the store 2-4 times, that are at a really great price. It's worth the search.

    Good luck :)

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    Wet Seal is great!

    Walmart is also bring alot of really cute Clothes.

    Ross and Marshalls are also awesome, u can find Great name brand shirts for 7$!

    Forever 21 is has very cute clothes and REALLY cheap.

    For accessories Id say to go to claires, they have alot of clearance.

    And so does PacSun but its a little bit more expensive then above!

    Source(s): Im only allowed to spend 50!!And i just got out a lame charter school that used uniforms,so i dont have much clothes!
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    Wow, you call that a "budget"

    me and my sister had $70 to buy our school supplies

    We are only going to get about $80 to spend on clothes

    Thats only $150 to split between two people

    You have over $350 dollars FOR YOUR SELF

    You're lucky -_-"

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    DAMN, i usally only have $40 to spend on clothes. you can shop anywhere really. American Eagle, Abicrombie and Fitch ( preppy store.), Wet Seal, Foever 21. Umm, you need shirts, pants, jeans, shoes, braclets/necklace,.

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    tillys is a reallly cheap just like pacsun but more senseable prices

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    Try Nordstrom's they're having a huge sale.

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    there cloths are usually pretty affordable

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