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what shade of the sunless tanner should i pick?

just a quick question...

Im very pale and im going to try the jergens natural glow tanner on my face and body im just wondering if I should use the lightest colour ( the one that is meant for pale skin) or the medium one ( the next colour up)

i want to look like i got really tanned this summer but i don't know if using the medium one would make me look orange

so which colour would be best for me?


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    It's the body lotion one, right?

    Well, I'm pale too, and I tried it out, and pale didn't work at all.

    Definitely use medium, just make sure to rub it in equally, or there will be some patches that are darker. And apply everyday to make it darker.

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    NO NO NO NO dont listen to the person above me i just used medium and it was sooooooo streaky now i use light and im getting color, full color aftehr two weeks. dont take the risk of turning orange and streaky!

  • Embem
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    Light to start off with.

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