Should I get a Nintendo DS Lite, or a Nintendo DSi?

Wow, this feels so wrong. I never thought I'd buy a Nintendo DS, I thought I was over with handhelds. Well, I do have a PSP though. The only reason I want it is for about 3 games, so keep in mind I won't be using it very often. If I end up getting the DSi, I won't use the camera, but I kind of want it because it is the newer. Without the camera, is it pretty much the same as the lite? Is there any reason I should buy the DSi if I won't be using the camera? Or should I just save myself $40 and go get a DS Lite?

Which one should I get though I'm not interested in the camera?

Optional question: What color should I get? Black, or silver?

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    1 decade ago
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    The DSi has many more features than just a camera. It has better sound, and more brightness. Charges faster, but less battery. DSi also can download songs. It has the shop with free Internet(not as good as PSP's Internet though), but the Internet can't watch videos. Bigger bottom screen than DS lite. But if your only buying 3 games you should get original DS. But if you want to buy the DSi just in case you want more games, buy it. Also, you get 1000 free DSi points when you buy the DSi(regional thing, so if your not in US you probably won't get it) in which you can use for some short, but fun, games. Black is the color you should get.

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    1 decade ago

    Get the dsi there is more things different than just the camera! The dsi has internet! So you can go on the internet!!!! And even if you dont use the camera its good to have one if u need it sometime! And the dsi has a music player! So why need an ipod u have it all in one a game system, a laptop, and an ipod! Go for the dsi!!!! I have the blue dsi! And for the dsi there is only black or blue!

    Source(s): I have a ds light and dsi! DSI WAY BETTER!
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    Dsi can play music,take pictures,download exclusive games from the Dsi shop, bigger screens, it also has improved pictochat...

    The Dsi unfortunately can't play Gba games.

    The features are useless, except for Dsi shop.

    I would only buy a Dsi instead of a Ds Lite for the Dsi shop (I have a Dsi) because there are some good games on it already, and there will be even more great games eventually on the Dsi shop.

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    If I were you, I would go with a DS Lite. This might be because I prefer just playing games. Another thing, the DSi does not have a Game Boy slot to play Game Boy games in. Oh, and you can't use AR (action replay). But you don't need to listen to people on Yahoo Answers. You just buy what you want. Oh, and you should get a black one. =P

    Source(s): Have a DS Lite, but I'm getting a new one. (Cobalt Blue)
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    the DSi doesn't have a port for gameboy advance games but it doesn't sound like that worries you too much. i think all the extras are worth it though, messing around with songs pitch and speed on the MP3 player is cool and the fact that you can download games is cool too

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    Get the DSi. It has an internet browser, and new features. It's more sturdy and is updated. My cousin has this and it's wonderful, definitely worth the extra 40$.

    I recommend the Black, it looks really nice.

  • 1 decade ago

    trust me dont get the dsi all it is is a camera and little features for like 5 year olds believe me just get a lite and that way u save and even can get another game!...TRUST ME PLZ

  • 1 decade ago

    ds lite cause it looks cooler and if u have wi fi get the browser for dslite and botta bing botta boom u have a better ds lite than dsi

    Source(s): ds lite can play gamepaks dsi cant and dsi is expensive
  • 1 decade ago

    if your only gonna play three games why get the newer? if i were you id get an original ds off of ebay

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