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i need help finding a job as a CNA in CA?

well i just finished a CNA program and i passed my state certification test, but i am finding it particularly hard to find a job as a CNA that does't require previous experience. i would really like to find a job in the hospitals but right now i am willing to work anywhere so if anyone know anywhere that is hiring in riverside, corona, norco,ontario, chino or just anywhere in the inland empire pls tell me thank you.

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    I don't know anything about California, but surely there is a "temp" agency for nurses and CNAs. Find one of those in your area, and hire on. Since it's better for them to have lots of people on staff, they probably won't require much in the way of experience. You won't be guaranteed hours, but you'll have a job and will gain experience while working for them. Once you feel you have enough, start looking for a hospital job. When you find one, you don't even have to quit, just reduce the hours you're available for them.

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    All Nursing homes usually are hiring and home health agencies. Try Interim, or Nurse finders. I have worked for both companies, they are very good. Located in san bernardino, riverside

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    Depending where you are located, the prisons in ca, are good pay, and excellent benefits. If you can handle being in prison for 8-16 hrs. A day.

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    Isn't your school supposed to help you? I would ask them, they are supposed to have job placement.

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    Best of luck with

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