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HELP!! I'm stressin about this!!?

my sat scores were 1290. critical reading:500



is that good enough to get into boise state, montana university or washington state university?? im only a junior about to be a senior this year so i still have a chance to take it again just wondering....


my g.p.a at the end of next year should be about 3.4 if that helps

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    I don't know these colleges or your grades, but I can be of a little help. You should get some tutoring on the SAT and take it again. You know that in particular you need to raise your math score. Also check with these colleges to make sure that none of them require the ACT instead of the SAT. Good luck.

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    The last thing you want is put yourself under stress. Systematic preparation under proper guidance can fetch you far better scores. I am not an expert with CR or writing but I can share some very useful tips on scoring well at the Math sections of the SAT. Check out

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    As long as you feel like you need to take it over, take it! The higher your scores are, the greater your chances will take it!

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