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my foot is swollen from some sort of bug bite, what do i do?

I have a bite on my foot, and it started litte and itchy like a misquato bite. but after i tched it a little it started getting huge. the next day i woke up and i itched it once, and its as wide as a baseball, and getting bigger. it hurts just a little but, and itches too. theres no discoloring or anything, its just swollen.

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    Don't worry too much about it. Likely just an allergic reaction to the bite, and if your nerves and circulatory system feel OK then I'd say just wait it out and you'll be good to go, it'll just look really nasty and odd.

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    I got a buck bite on my ankle a few weeks ago and it swelled up really bad, it looked like I broke something! It went away after a couple days, but it did hurt. I think you just had a slight reaction to the bite-- try not to itch it, even though it is so tempting, it will make it more swollen. It should go away soon. You might even notice it is smaller within a day.

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