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Get dizzy/ vision gets fuzzy after standing up from sitting for a while?....?

I'm 16, and I have lost 20 pounds this month. (No not bad weight loss cause I'm overweight.)

Lately, when I stand up I get dizzy and my vision gets a little fuzzy for like 3 seconds, I get lightheaded, and feel like I'm loosing balance, and than it goes away.

What can this be?... Nothing serious?

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    Nothing serious just a little vertigo. No worries and stand up slower that's all.

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    A few years back I was experiencing similar symptoms. It got to the point that one night I got up to use the bathroom & I passed out. It turned out that I was anemic. (Low iron levels in your blood) It's possible that whatever you've been doing to lose the weight has been keeping you from getting the amount of iron you need. If you've had your period lately that would make it even worse. A simple blood test will tell you if that's whats going on. Meanwhile, have a little red meat, sunflower seeds are good and actually I was told that any female that is menstruating could stand to supplement their iron. (Available at any drug store or Wal-Mart etc.) Good luck!

    Also, the Acai Berry thing, be really careful. My daughter tried that and had a terrible time getting them to stop sending her the product and it was costing her around $80 a month!! She really didn't see much difference in her weight either and I've read some scary stuff about what else it can do to your system. (Another case of if :it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!")

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    That is a lack of blood to your brain. You need to exercise more so you have better circulation.

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