I'm sad...can anyone help? nothing seems to be going right?

Hi everyone!

not to complain...but this summer has been awful, and im getting pretty sad...

I'm 15 and recenly recovered from a broken wrist, this broken wrist post-poned surgery for a hip with a torn labrum, and it was post-poned yet again because 3 days ago i had emergency surgery for ovarian cysts and had to have one of my ovaries removed.

now my hip surgery is pushed back until september and i may have to miss basketball season as well as cross country (2 out of my 3 sports...not to mention my favorites)

im trying to keep a positive attitude..but sometimes i just get pretty sad about all this unfortunate stuff....

can anyone sympathize?

really im sorry to complain...its just been on my mind.

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    Did you hear about the new disease?

    It's called chirpies, it's a canarial disease and it's



    How many blonds does it take to change a light bulb?

    9...one to hold the bulb and 8 to turn the ladder.


    Did you know that when God made man...She was only kidding?


    Is a caterpillar ticklish

    It's always my belief,

    That it giggles as it wiggles

    Across the hairy leaf.

    Hope these brought a smile

    if only for a while

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    Don't feel bad about feeling bad; it sounds like you're having a pretty rotten summer. Feeling guilty for having normal emotions like sadness doesn't help get rid of them and will only make you feel worse.

    The best advice I can give to you would be to confide in someone close, like a friend or family member, about how you're feeling. If an overall sadness continues for more than a few weeks, or if you start feeling sad, irritable, or frustrated for no reason (unlike now - it seems like you have some concrete reasons) you may want to contact a mental health professional to check out your symptoms.

    Again, don't apologize for complaining. Sure, a lot of people have it worse than we do, but that doesn't mean that you or I can't feel bad about a broken bone or an awful summer.

    Good luck to you, and try to have some fun doing activities you enjoy with people you like.

    Source(s): My own crippling depression.
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    Its absolutely okay to complain, when your in a mood like this all you need is someone to talk to. Good that you have a positive attitude, but sometimes crying makes it feel better. Obviously, it is not your week, and im sure you can get through it, if you have been through all this im sure you can go through anything that comes your way. Try finding other sports you can do to entertain yourself, and talk with some friends. and go shopping, it makes everything better. Get well, best wishes.

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    Wow, that's allot. I would be floored if all this happened, your really sweet for even saying sorry. I run cross country too. Its my THING if I missed it I think I would lose it. I can't realate, but I could tell you my summer sucked too, I lost my best friend slash on and off boyfriend. he was stupid and commited suicide. So yep my summer sucked big time

    I hope you get better!

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    Poor thing you have endured quite alot of pain

    and so sorry that you have to miss your sports that sux for sure.

    I'll be praying for you.

    God Bless and I hope everything works out for you.

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    The heavy physical work you have been subjecting your body to may well be having a negative effect on your health. Because I used to get sebaceous cysts frequently, but have only had one small, and relatively painless one in the last 4 years, since employing the following, I'll include it for you to consider using as a PREVENTATIVE treatment for cysts: discontinue garlic, & Omega 3 prior to surgery and resume later (ask surgeon/doctor). ~~~ I used to get colds and 'flu every winter, but since adopting the recommendations at http://www.mercola.com/ I have not had one for the last 4 years (no vaccines, or Tamiflu, Relenza, etc., either!). This I attribute not only to my enhanced immune system, but also to the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal additives of my diet, which now makes my body a very poor environment for such organisms to multiply in. Dr. Mercola now recommends that everyone consume garlic, crushed between 2 spoons, to release the active constituents: I eat 2 cloves, daily. Odorless garlic is an option, although not the one I choose.

    Some people may find that consuming it with a little olive oil, on wholemeal, or preferably sourdough rye bread helps avoid stomach problems. He also recommends to alternate ginger and nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon, on a daily basis, to prevent the possibility of developing an allergy, but I have found that I can consume 2 level teaspoons of the following mix on a daily basis, with no problems: 1 part nutmeg; 2 parts cloves; 2 parts cinnamon; 20 parts ginger.

    You may well prefer different proportions.

    I make this in bulk, for several weeks supply, and add one level teaspoon to a cup of green tea, or c(h)amomile herbal tea, without milk, or cream, and also include a small pinch of thyme, and a level teaspoonful of turmeric with my main meal. In addition, he advises people to get adequate daily exposure to sunlight, and to eat in accordance with their "nutritional type" as determined by using the searchbar on that, as well as "sunlight exposure", and "colloidal silver" (which I don't use, for financial reasons) at his website, which is now the most popular alternative health website in the world.

    I strongly advise you to have a complete medical examination, including thyroid function, adrenals, blood sugar and levels of vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium: the works, in fact. You may be surprised by what is revealed. Most people in the U.S.A. are deficient in vitamin D3, (even in the Southern Australian states, around half of adults tested have a deficiency) and/or magnesium, which is very probably a major factor in the prevalence of depression, and anxiety these days, and they also play an important role in calcium metabolism, and helping minimise osteoporosis (along with weight bearing exercise) as we age. He recommends that you slowly SUCK, NOT CHEW, zinc lozenges for COLDS, only, at earliest onset http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/zinc.asp Why not subscribe to the regular, free Ezine at the mercola website? I have learned a LOT through it, and look forward to it. In addition, if you are looking for a good antiviral & antibacterial product to spray on surfaces, mix tea tree oil with 9 parts water, and use in an atomiser. It is TOXIC IF CONSUMED! so don't drink it.I note that the essential oil, oregano also has strong antibacterial, and antiviral properties, but it's important to ensure that it is pure, and not diluted with vegetable oil, when purchased. It is extremely important NOT to take essential oils internally, without expert advice, from a herbalist, or naturopath, and even then, err on the side of safety, and see how a small amount affects you, first, over 24 hours. The herbal form of oregano is safe to consume, however, having been used for thousands of years in cooking, and I now include a small amount with the thyme (around 10% - 15%).

    Source(s): It now seems to me that, in addition to the above, resistance to diseases, including influenza, and colds, can also be increased by taking Omega 3 fatty acids (much preferably, the DHA, & EPA varieties, from fish oil, or krill oil), of high quality, such as Carlsens fish oil, in the U.S.A., (I recommend Melrose Omega 3 fish oil, in Australia), or Neptune brand krill oil, from health food, or vitamin stores, or special mail order; and preferably not supermarkets, and ensuring optimum levels of vitamin D3 are maintained, preferably through daily exposure to strong light of the necessary wavelength. Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily: (certified free of mercury) it is best if consumed with an antioxidant, such as an orange, or its FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice. If vitamin E is added, it should be certified as being 100% from natural sources, or it may be synthetic: avoid it (for adults, take around: EPA: EicosaPentaenoic Acid [omega 3] ----360 mg., and DHA: DocosaHexaenoic Acid [omega 3] ---- 240 mg). In the winter months, if not getting sufficient daily exposure to strong light, see: http://www.mercola.com/ SEARCHBAR: enter: "vitamin D3". Go to a doctor and ask for a 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D, blood test. When you get the results, don’t follow the typical “normal” reference range, as these are too low. The OPTIMAL value that you’re looking for is 45-52 ng/ml (115-128 nmol/l)". (USA only): The company which tests your levels has to be one of those using the correct form of test, and this topic is addressed via the searchbar at Mercola.com - "vitamin D3; testing".
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    well since there are people out there that dont have legs or arms and cant play 3 sports, there are people that cant even go to school cuz they have to stay home or get a job to help support the family, and there are people that dont have any health care and are stuck dealing with their injuries....suck it up

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    try crying alone

    it takes it away

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