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Is it illegal to use a program to grab people email addresses off a website?

I'm trying to promote my website and what I'm selling, and I was wondering if I could buy and use an "email grabber" which would give me all of the emails from a really popular website, and then I could email those people and try and promote my website. Is it illegal if I did this, I really need serious answer from people who know 100% if it is or is not illegal. Thanks in advance.


So it is only legal if I can already see their emails, but if I have a program that just scans the site and tells me the emails signed up that is illegal?

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    Yes. That's theft.

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    I am fairly certain it is legal to harvest the email addresses if they're already publicly viewable and the "grabber" doesn't force its way into anyone's account or otherwise hack into anything. However, if you spammed them, you'd probably be violating the terms of service for your ISP, and they could cut off your internet access. Spamming may or may not be illegal in your country; see for a summary of anti-spam laws.

    Also, spamming to promote your website is more likely to make people hate you than to actually get them to visit the website.

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    lol no its called SPAM, it gets deleted anyway

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