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Girlfriend is trying to get me jealous?

I don't even get it.

shes been my girlfriend for 3 years, we sometimes have fights, but get along great. Just yesterday, I had a best friend over to help me repaint the walls and build a new tv stand, Anyways, my girlfriend just started flirting with them the whole time, and she just kept looking back at me, and flirting some more, I ignored it the first time because I thought she was just playing around, until she just kept hugging my best friend matt and dragging him to the kitchen, Which pissed me off and got me jealous, I then started yelling "Matt, We need to paint behind the tv, help me move it?" jeez, that was the stupidest thing I said all day, Matt then came, and forgot all about what happened, and I whispered to him when my girlfriend was in the bathroom, "what are you doing? shes my girlfriend" And matt just told me "sorry, it wont happen again"

I was fixing my neighbors car the next door the next day, and matt was the only one who could fix the engine, and my girlfriend came out again, near matt, and said "Whoa baby you look dirty, need some help cleaning up" and matt just told her straight up to "stop". When my best friend matt isn't here, my girlfriend would talk about how she has another guy friend who keeps checking her out, and I got annoyed as ****...

What the hell do I do now? Not only does it tick me off that my girlfriends trying to make me jealous, it hurts.

what do you think? any tips?

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    yeah break up with her.

    Unless you haven't already talked to her about it.

    Ask her why she does it and tell her that it hurts you. If she doesn't stop doing it after that conversation then she does not respect you at all.

    I think the way that she is acting is pretty repulsive actually. Unless she somehow doesn't realize that she is flirting with other guys IN FRONT OF YOU (which I doubt) then she is displaying a huge lack of respect for you.

    So talk to her, see what she has to say for herself and if you feel like giving her another chance to prove that she actually respects you, then give her one. If she still acts like a little flirt, that is so wrong and disgusting and you deserve much better than that.

    Have you ever done anything like this to hurt her? Maybe she is seeking revenge for something. Either way, she should not be acting like that and I really think that you should break up with her unless you want to give her another chance, but really dude, if after you talk to her she does not change her ways, you need to kick her a** to the curb,.

    Source(s): She could be doing this for a number of reasons, the primary one being that she lacks respect for your relationship. Otherwise she could feel that you aren't displaying enough affection toward her, or that you might not feel too strongly for her and she is trying to get a reaction out of you to see if you in fact do love her. You might not be expressive enough for her in the relationship and she's trying to make you react by doing this to make sure that you care about her. No matter what she is acting like a child. If she has a problem she should confront you with it instead of hurting you like this. She sounds like a winner.
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    Just straight out tell her. DOnt tell her it makes you jealous tell her shes being disrespectful and rude not only to you but making your friends uncomfortable. Tell her shes not making you like her more or anything along those lines its just making you angry at the way shes acting. And when no one is there just ignore her talking about guys looking at her...ignored behavior usually stops. BUT make sure you are giving her attention when shes not being an idiot.

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    tell her to stop trying to make you jealous. she doesnt need to cause you only want to be with her.

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    you need to tell her how you feel.

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