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what do you think about this poem?

We as man hate our own family clan as though there is hate must we all be at debated?This world is a will to power and pain how much more must we live though before we all go completely insane?We were made for love but never coming to be as peaceful as a high flying dove,flying so high and so free would we ever be like thee?We as man destroy ever built by hand for we want all power at all hour but we never know what is best for we are never at rest.Death is a unepecting flower given at any hour to all due power at due pain we had never love for it is yet to be claim.I wrote this because of jim morrison,robert frost,and my mom who really love poetry and who is also really deeply into as well.So what do ya think about my poem?Is it beautifully or is it terrible?Please give me your deep personal thoughts about it.


hey fire guy thispoem of mine ain`t about God but if it was so ****** what?All because i believe in God does not mean i want to try to convert you but i would likes for someone else to do so and also this poem is about how mankind is towards other people and how we must stand up and put our hate away and come together as one.Is that to hard for you?

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    About that poem?

    I think it really needs to read on online tutorial about paragraph breaks and why they are our friends.

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    For me a poem has to have rhythm. It does not unavoidably ought to rhyme even though it needs to hit my thoughts. i think of readability of expression is substantial besides. i do no longer decide to 2d wager what i'm reading approximately. I continuously seek for what I term "poetic gem stones"in the text fabric.

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