Are people who ask questions smarter than people who answer them?

It's a weird question but I really want to know. I have a feeling that people who answer questions are smarter but I also think people who ask questions are smarter since they want to know more/understand better since they didn't know so they can answer the same questions they had but the people that already knew the answer wouldn't know since they didn't not know in the first place. That made no sense at all. If you don't understand what I just said than disregard it but still answer. Thanks a lot in advance!


Answer to NoVa:

I agree. But example, if you couldn't figure out a math problem, so someone helps you. You then know how you messed up so you help your friend. It's hard to explain. I'm just wondering. Though you do have a point. A good one at that.

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  • damex
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    You never can know!

    Sometimes its the oppoiste or viceversa. nothing determines it i.e no correlation.

    But yeah continuous answering is better than continuos asking cause its only if u dont understand "most of the time" that you ask.

    haha right

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    answering or asking does NOT ALWAYS make people smart..i mean there r ppl who ask or answer in a stupid way sometimes

  • 1 decade ago

    na foo

    people can ask stupid questions and people can can give stupid answers

    I know this one homegirl and she a dumb azz

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