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I seen this app on facebook that shows who visits your profile the most?

i have seen this a few times today,, it shows a list of stalkers on by how many people go to your profile can anyone send me a link to the app please


im a mac user so spam/virus dont affect me, and i no its real because people are talking screen shots of it and having tons of people comment on it

Update 2:

people that use vista think macs suck and can get slow and full of spam, but you are wrong, there is only one virus ever mad for a mac and it was fix very quick, i have been using a mac for 4 years now and have 3 in my house and none of them have ever froze/crashed/lagged and have never been formatted. what im trying to say here is Microsoft fails

Update 3:


ya the anti spyware programs do nothing and find nothing on a mac, they are all just a scam and another way to make money

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    Check the score card ,, not a approved fb app.. this is a 3rd party app, and just cause friends have it does not make it good.. Do not follow the current trend,, do some research first.

    edit : Where are the Mac TC 's , hmmmmm..

    edit :

    Funny,, here is a whole page plus more just for macs... lol

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    It will slow down your computer so I don't recommend going on it, but look it up on google if you really want to go on it, I'm saying to search on google because there is thousands of those apps haha. And its more of an ad than app.

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    I've been wondering that too. I went to look for it, but my friend told me not too, and that it's spyware infested or something D:

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