how can i get promote my music abilities on a large scale?

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  • Ted F
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    1 decade ago
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    Well..if you have unlimited amount of money to spend you can run a YouTube advertising campaign for your video on their homepage. It is VERY expensive though (minimum $50,000), but definitely gets your music out there on a large scale.

    For a lower (or no) budget I highly recommend creating a profile and uploading your music in a variety of different places. This a great way to provide exposure for your music abilities. Check out these sites..

    All are free and all allow you to upload music / create your own profile.

    You can still use YouTube (even with no budget) to help attract attention to your music. Just upload a video of yourself and spread the word (via e-mail, AIM, etc.).

    Create your own Facebook page and Twitter account as well. Start building up your network by asking friends and family to become fans / followers of your account (have them tell a few of their friends too..most would be glad to help).

    Touring, in my opinion, is one of the more effective ways to get yourself out there. Play at some shows..if you're good at what you do people are going to want to see you again. This takes a little time, but I've found this to be the best way to gain exposure if you're a musician.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • 5 years ago

    I evaluate music honestly, but that doesn't mean that I have to be all that objective about it. If I like it - I like it. If I don't, I don't. I think I have the ability to determine whether or not a band or artist is talented - mechanically, in the quality or the comosition or lyrics, etc - but there are absolutely bands who I can acknowledge as being talented but prefer not to listen to. Yngwie Malmsteen, Megadeath, definitely Prince, and a lot of Led Zeppelin are examples of bands that I know are talented but just don't do it for me most of the time. Good question! Saul

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