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17 and never been kissed!?

Okay I am 17 and I have never kissed or been kissed. I have never had a boyfriend. I have texted boys that like wanna **** me but that's about it. I want some one that's worth my time. I have never even been asked out. I am a pretty smart girl with a great personality. I deserve someone to treat me right. How can I get a boy friend and a kiss by the time school starts? I need someone and I deserve some one. I think I have waited long enough!

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    dont rush because eventually you will find someone you really like...then the wait will be worth it.


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    Maybe you're just waiting on the right guy? Maybe you should ask someone ot if you start to like them.

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    tell the guys who want to "do" you that your not easy, they will chase after you. works every time.

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