Australian Year 9 Sex Ed?

I didn't get a good answer for the last one, so i'm reposting with more detail.

At the time of this question being asked, i am 5 days away from being 14. I've been avoiding the talk as much as I can. But soon it will happen. This is where you guys come in. I wanna know what i'll be learning next year in sex ed so i can have it on paper and thus avoiding the talk.

PS: I already know about sex and puberty, but mum doesn't know about me knowing.

PPS: I'm a male.

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    The things your most likely going to learn are things like protection, STDs, Aids...things like that. They may even show you how to use protection...I'm not sure how much they show you guys in Australia, but I had this classes back in the 6th's nothing to worry about. The one thing you may want to try and skip is the birthing video...if they show you it.

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    Just go to it man? why avoid it? not like its gonna kill ya. seriously, your gonna have to know bout that stuff sooner or later.

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