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how do you pick a best car battery and what about a cable / attachment replacement?

What brand / type is the best car battery ?

What kind is the best cable / attachment to get for the car?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do not worry about the brand.

    You will need to make sure you have the correct battery for your car, different cars need different batteries, it basically depends on their cranking needs.

    Just go to your local auto parts store and have them run your vehicle specs, they will tell you what cranking power is needed.

    The brand of battery does not matter, just make sure upon purchase that it comes with a warranty.

    To make it easier to attach new cables, they offer some that have a screw in connector. Easy to cut the original one off and splice it and slide that cable into the quick connector/screw tight.

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    4 years ago

    I had this a pair of years in the past. there is something it quite is draining the battery at the same time as the automobile is parked. In my vehicle it replaced into the computerized radio antenna tension, nonetheless I first suspected the alarm. yet another hazard replaced into the appropriate door locks. Get the automobile in an exceptionally quiet spot and pay attention for any sounds it may desire to be making at the same time as a charged battery is attached. nonetheless some human beings could recommend a easy ultimate on in a glovebox or bags compartment, those rarely use sufficient contemporary to have lots result, although that is nicely worth looking in basic terms a similar. connect a voltmeter around the battery or an ammeter solid for say 20 amps between a battery terminal and the disconnected detrimental lead. in case you haven't any longer have been given an ammeter the present drain could be sufficient to easy a low-watt 12 V bulb. Pull fuses till the present stops or the voltage rises somewhat. then you definately comprehend the place the undertaking could lie.

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