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How to get RX drugs on-line without a RX. It's been done& I here ppl on TV say it's so easy. Can anyone help?

I've watched SOOO many shows (Intervention on A&E is one of them) where ppl have gotten RX drugs such as percocet& vicodine & xnanx without an RX on-line They claim it's so easily done...but I have not found a way to do so yet and was wondering if anyone could help. The woman on the show intervention was getting vicodin on-line by forging an RX...how do you even do that??? I have degenerative disc disease which is VERY VERY painful to live with..and no health ins. I NEED HELP WITH THIS. I also have...probably from the amount of pain I have to endure HORRIBLE panic attacks. I know it's not legal but I am in desperate need of some help. If anyone has any tricks or knows of ways around things please help me. If you don't feel comfortable leaving info for everyone else to see then email me privately here on yahoo please. If any of you know what it's like to deal with this amount of pain ALL DAY EVERYDAY them please help me. I've gotten to my breaking point :o(

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    do not use anything that a doctor has not prescribed for you

    I get too much or too little panic attacks wont be your only issue.

    You can really f*** yourself up.

    Please see a doctor and psychologist.

    Yahoo answers cannot help you.

    you need professional help.

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    At the first sign of one, employ an anti panic attack breathing technique. Advice from a published psychiatrist on controlled breathing: (1.) Get a clock, or watch with a second timer. (2.) Practise for 5 minutes, 4 times daily, until proficient. (3.) Take a small breath in, and hold it, for 6 seconds. (4.) Think to yourself: "RELAX", just before breathing out. (5.) Try to feel a sense of releasing tension, as you breathe out. (6.) Breathe in for 3 seconds, then out, for 3 seconds. Try to make your breathing very smooth, and light, as you breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth, or nose. (7.) For the next minute, continue to breathe in, and out, every 3 seconds. (8.) Go back to step 3, at the end of the minute, and proceed through to step 7, doing this for 5 minutes. Use this at the very first sign of a panic attack starting, or any time you feel anxious, or tense. Similar, but simpler advice, from a clinical psychologist is to breathe in to the count of 3: (one thousand one; one thousand two; one thousand three) each takes around a second to say to yourself, in your mind, and out to the count of 3. Also see http://deeplyrelax.com/ & www.deepsloweasy.com/html/intro.htm

    Note: the controlled breathing only helps with the symptoms (as do medications/herbal remedies): you need to address the underlying cause, which requires some form of therapy, and Cognitive Behavio(u)ral Therapy has been shown to be effective. Imagine that the cause of your panic; your anxieties, fears, your self doubts, self recriminations, all the agonizing "I'm-so-Stupids"; every painful "I-can't-do-it" are huge raging, hurtful bulls snorting and charging at you. You see them coming at you and you hold out your red matador's cape at arms length and simply let them charge right by. Every time they come at you, hold out your arm with the red cape and let them rage and snort and go right on past. Some people recommend nettle tea, with a little honey. Others use Lavender tea, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, but use no milk or cream with herbal teas, or Valerian (caution: its use may become habitual). Know how these affect you before driving, or doing anything dangerous, and it is far better to use the treatments, rather than relying on herbal remedies. There is a free online PANIC COURSE at www.panic-attacks.co.uk and it is also available by email. Well worth a look, too, is the section on panic attacks at www.mind.org.uk which they also have in booklet form.

    Source(s): Unlike some other websites, they also recommend letting a panic attack run its course, without doing anything to treat it, so you KNOW you will survive it. The usual maximum is 30 minutes, until symptoms begin to subside. Also see www.anxietypanic.com/signs.html and http://www.onestepatatime.com/ (chatroom, and one free email is allowed to their resident expert on joining [free] - more if a paid up member) and www.medicinenet.com/panic_disorder/artic… and www.squidoo.com/controlpanicattack/modul… and www.nimh.nih.gov/healthinformation/index… and www.healthyplace.com/communities and http://panic-attack-over.com/ and http://www.anxietynetwork.com/ Most people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either seek professional hypnotherapy, or, quicker, cheaper, and more conveniently: http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/ Perfect Partners: Stop Panic Attacks + Breathing Exercise, or http://www.instant-hypnosis.com/ Stop Panic Attacks. Use a relaxation method daily, like http://www.drcoxconsulting.com/managing-stress.htm... or http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/mindbody/a/Meditat... or http://www.wikihow.com/Meditate Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga. Pain: Google: "kratom; supplies" - those painkillers all carry risks; see www.drugs.com
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