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Is this alcohol poisoning?

Hi, I'm here w/ my brother and his girlfriend. His girlfriend is unresponsive, and has been for the past 1-1 1/2 hours. We have yelled, put ice on her neck, pinched her, and there has been no response. A quick reply would be helpful! Thanks! She only had 6-8 drinks.


her breathing is normal, and her pulse is steady.

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    call an ambulence. Now.

    Dont care if she's under aged,or what, this could be killing her. She needs her stomach flushed. 6-8 drinks is a hell of a lot. One shot is the equivelant of a can of beer, think of it that way.

    911 is your friend right now.

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    Na even if it is just let her drink water and then maybe eat a little if she can hold it down. Like fruit or snacks then let her pass out and go to sleep. I use to drink a lot but I dont anymore.

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    911 HURRY

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