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GIRLS! WHAT is this guy up to?! GUYS HELP TOO?!?

There's this guy (Steve) I know really well from church, and I'm close with his family and his with mine.I used to like him for the past two years.Anyways, I could go on and on but I wont. Long story short, I saw how he really was, got hurt, and shoved off. I've been getting good at shoving him out of my mind (even his sister and I were joking about "what did I see in him?" the other day. LOL)

ANYWAYS.... today, out of the blue, he called and left a msg on my phone wanting to talk to my brother about the church trip to the lake this weekend.

His family is like the musical cell phone family--3 phones for 4 ppl, so you never know who will have what phone. I know for a matter of fact my number is in all 3 phones. And judging from the fact they have asked for my bro's number before, I thought they had my brother's number--so why couldn't Steve have just called him directly?

I told my bro Steve wanted him to call him. An hour later, steve's mom called...except guess what phone she CALLED--MY BROTHERS! OH, IMAGINE THAT!

My question is, I KNOW STEVE HAD MY BRO'S # AND CHOSE TO CALL ME ANYWAYS---WHAT IS HE UP TO?! Either way I’m not taking any of his sh!t. Just wanted to know what your theory is.We're 18.

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    You need to not answer the phone when it is his family calling. Simple.

    If you see each other at church, fine, act accordingly.

    Just keep away from this nutjob.

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    You're making somethign out of nothing. He called your phone instead of your brother's? Do you really think that's important? Besides he hurt you you shouldn't be thinking of even getting back with him if that's what you're thinking. There's plenty of other guys out there.

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