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Regretful Incident at Strip Club : Need Advice !?

I went to a strip club yesterday in Cincinnati with the intentions of having a few drinks and a lap dance only. This stripper then came up to my cousin and I could see he was fingering and kissing her. She looked to be in her early to mid 20's. My cousin then turned to me me and said I should spend some time with her. I bought her a few drinks and she let me finger her. We then went to a booth where she had promised to "get me off". At this point I had a few beers in me, and being a virgin I said to heck with it and go for whatever happened. She gave me unprotected oral sex and then stated she would sit on me. I then had unprotected vaginal sex with her for under a minute. I then remembered about forgetting to wear a condom and asked her if she had any STD's. She said no but I did notice she was snorting a controlled substance on the table before we had sex though. She was fairly tight down there and did not seem physically used up like many other strippers. Because the sex was not in a complete private atmosphere, I could not ejaculate quickly so I finished myself off, with the same hands that had her vaginal fluids on them.

When I got home I took a shower and used a lot of antibacterial soap on my genital area and gargled a lot of mouthwash.

I now feel really stupid and guilty about what happened and most importantly scared that I caught Hepatitis or Herpes or worst of all HIV. The stripper did not have any blatant lesions or any strange makeup to her genital area but I am still paranoid. Should I call the strip club and ask if they test the girls for HIV and STD's? Should I tell them I had unprotected sex with a stripper and that I want her to be tested? What are my options at this point to make sure I don't contract or have HIV. I know from a few google searches that antibodies don't show up for many months so am I supposed to get a test at this point?

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    a nice little sex story.

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    I wouldn't be okay with that and I wouldn't even try. For myself, it would feel like cheating and truly I wouldn't want him then. If he wants to look at other women, he will. Would he be okay with you going to a male strip club? With you tucking money in the guys' g'string and him rubbing up against you? I bet he doesn't go for it and give him the same lame excuses he is giving you. As far as the objectification of women, that is hard to live with as well. Truly, you do not have to make yourself okay with the idea of him going to strip clubs, why can't he just stop going and look at the person right in front of him. Why do YOU have to make the change, this is a biggie and truly should be a deal breaker. He can come up with all the excuses why it is okay, but truly the majority of society and therapists agree that it is detrimental to a solid relationship. Good luck, I think you'll find that there are ALOT of women who wish they would have stood strong and not accepted this behavior before they married the man.

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    Dude, forget calling the strip club because I'm sure you paid for her time. You need to get yourself to a clinic get a blood test. The strip club can feed you any BS, you just need to check up on yourself.

    Good Luck!

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    wow, yall are mean... But if it happened in da NASTY NATI, id go get checked. (I used to live in dayton, like 45 mins from cinci). And callin the strip club wouldnt do u any good, they dont check girls for STD'S that i know of, when i got a job at a strip club they said nothin bout gettin tested. And dont tell them u had sex with a stripper, ol girl will get fired.. nd that could be her only source of money :-| but good luck.

    Source(s): 1. I know da nasty nati 2. Ive been in nursing for 3 years.
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    dude its probaly nothing i bang all kinds of random girls even strippers and i have no problems with me.u just need to calm down u lost ur virginity and ur just scared i was to but ull get over it just calm down and get some rest give it a week if u still feel worried get it checked up

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    I'm sure your fine, but do go and get a in 6 months and every year for the rest of your sexually active life. If you have un-protected sex (which alot of us have) it'll be peace of mind for you and any other ladies you have sex with in the future. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it, people get carried away in strip clubs, I have and I'm a straight female! Booze is the main problem I think... lol


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    I will suggest you to wait for a month and then get yourself tested for STD's or HIV. Waiting is for maturation of window period.

    Confidential testing has been offered by websites like these days.

    So be calm and get yourself tested when window period is over

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    Instead of worrying about that lady getting tested you should worry about yourself and go get tested

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    Your good man.You definately don't need a test.

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    suck it up, you lost your virginity and you're all worried and ****, calm down.

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