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How do I ask this girl out on a date? Please help me!!!?

Okay there is this girl at school that i like and im almost positive that she likes me. we often talk walking to school and i am basically the only boy who she talks to(except for some who are uninterested in girls if you know what i mean). anyway i want to ask her out, but there are two big problems. the first is that I AM VERY SHY, especially around girls, however i am quite comfortable around her. i have few friends and my social skills are not the best. second is that we are both very involved with school and we both have averages over a 99. during school i rarely have free time except on sundays. also i wake up around 6, get home around 5:30, and do homework until about 8, so my schedule is hectic. it is summer now and i havent seen her for about a month and i would like to go out with her after school starts. do you have any advice to help me out because she is perfect for me and i dont want to miss this opportunity. one last thing, she hinted to me that we should see a movie a few months ago, but i wasnt ready then. thanks a lot in advance.

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    Well bud, I often find myself in this situation, and i must say the best course of action would be to just throw it out there in a conversation. like if you're talking about a movie or something just throw it out there, but don't sound too obvious, she might not take you seriously at first, but eventually she'll come around to you. One thing that can make or break it though is how you say, and when you say it. And about the hectic schedule, you will have to make at least a little time out just for her. As a girl she's gonna want to feel special, and if i read correctly your education is the most important thing in your life right now, and if you show her that you're willing to give up something som important to you for her and she'll love you that much more.

    And if you have confidence issues try joining a local speech and debate team, it really helps with those

    Source(s): experience i guess, lol
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    If she said u guys should see a movie, then that's a good sign she likes you and she wanted you 2 ask her out. So go 4 it! And don't stress about how to ask her out. Just be straightforward.

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