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Scared for my little guinea pig.?

While Checking my little guinea pigs today I noticed one of them had really smelly, watery poops. I instantly checked the internet and every site says the same thing... Take you little piggy to the Vet ASAP! I discussed it with my mom who only said that it would cost too much money right now.

I really want to get my little piggy the care he needs! I've pleaded with my mom but she insists that checkups for small animals are hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Please Help!


Tyzzer's disease?! No, please no!? I haven't noticed this before today, it looks like regular diarrhea. Oh my god Im having a panic attack right now. How can I tell if he has Tyzzer'?!?!

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    Your mother is lame, i have an opinion as to what should happen to people like her with such little caring for animals, or even you as a matter of fact, however, it is against the law to write such things.

    That being said and done try to hold all forms of feed but the pellets and the hay, making sure it has all the hay it can eat and see it this will make a difference. I pray it has simply eaten to many greens and this will help it..

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    Your mom should know better than to get an animal that you can't afford to care for. You can get a checkup for about $40-$80 depending on who you go to. However, Tyzzer's kills in as fast as 24 hours and usually can't be stopped this late, and if it's not Tyzzer's, piggies won't have too much trouble getting over regular diahrrea just make sure the cage is kept clean and water is readily available. The only thing that a vet will do anything about is if it's bacterial(salmonella, e.coli, etc.) in which case a few days of antibiotics(a mere $12 worth, last I checked) will get him better in no time!

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    As with all animals, it could just be a small amount of diarrhea and should clear up soon. Although Tyzzer's disease is a possibility, it is unlikely and it's not like every illness or piece of wet waste is a life threatening parasitical disease so don;t worry too much.

    Firstly, you should try to separate your sick guinea from the the other(s) that you have. Maybe cordon off the cage or put your guinea in a different cage. Make sure you don't take away too much space as they all still need to be able to run around. If you can't do it without leaving reasonable space for your other guinea(s) and the sick one then don't do it. They should be fine together anyway, but it is just a precaution.

    Cut down on veggies and fruits. Do not take it all away as your others still need to eat as well. So just cut down the amounts you give to them all and they should be fine.

    Monitor it and it should go within a few days. If your guinea still has it in a few days time then you really do need to go to the vet and it maybe something worse than diarrhea. It should go away as it all passes through his system. My 2 guineas and rabbit have had diarrhoea in the past and it just clears up in a few days.

    To be honest, you do need to go to the vet just as a precaution and see what the problem is. No offence, but your mum shouldn't have got you guinea pigs if she won't pay vet fees as animals will get sick and they can't be left to suffer because 'it costs too much'.

    For guinea pigs, the vet fee is usually around the region of $50 and she shouldn't be so ignorant as to say it is hundreds more. Maybe ask a family member to pay if your mum still won't?

    You should start saving up a fund, even if it is just a piggy bank, so that when the time MAY come again that your guineas get sick then you at least have some money to go towards vet fees. By putting lose change and things in, you should be able to raise up at least half of the cost!

    Good luck with your guinea, he will probably be better soon as it should just be diarrhoea. Keep us updated on how it goes but i wouldn't worry too much. If he starts getting lethargic, weak, not eating or drinking and he still has diarrhoea or is acting differently in a few days time then you do really need to go to the vet. Consultation without treatment is about $20 and treatment is usually about the same.

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    It won't cost hundred and thousands of dollars, your mom is having you on. Anyway, if it did, your piggy would be worth it! It probably isn't Tyzzer's disease (and tetracycline is no good for piggies). It could be an infection, and for guinea pigs the antibiotics of choice are baytril and septrin (I think this is bactrim in the US). It could be too much green food.

    However, you must take your guinea pig to the vet as diarrhoea an cause him to become dehydrated, so he will need subcutaneous fluids as well as antibiotics.

    If I were you I would mention to your mom that you would hope to be able to look after her in her old age, and you would not want to tell her that any treatment she might need would cost too much. She will probably blow a fuse and then settle down and realise that she needs to do the right thing and take your piggy to the vet. If he doesn't, get a neighbour to take you. And then all the money you save by not getting your mom any more birthday, Christmas, and mothers' day cards and presents can go towards the cost of caring for your guinea pig. She would take you to the doctor if you were ill, wouldn't she?

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    Vet checkup for guinea pig is only around $50, you should check your local vet for a more accurate price. Bring your mother along for her to see that it is NOT "hundreds of thousands of dollars"! I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but your piggy most likely has Tyzzer's disease,which is usually fatal.

    *Edit- Sorry for upsetting you :\. But anyway here is all the symptoms of Tyzzers. Quoting from

    "Animals with Tyzzer's disease often have watery diarrhea, staining around the anal area, depression, dehydration, lethargy, and scruffy hair coats. It is more frequently and likely to cause acute death (within 48 hours of the first signs) in young animals or those stressed by overcrowding, poor hygiene, extreme environmental temperatures and humidity, parasitic infections, or malnutrition."

    Hopefully, it might just be a hay problem like the person above said or something else that isn't serious. But try to convince your mom as soon as possible and get your piggy to the vet as fast as possible.

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    Woah, there people. You all need to shush a bit.

    Don't tell him his mom is lame.

    My mom is the same exact way with my guinea pig.

    It was hard to check mine up.

    She kept saying she couldn't afford it.

    But then later on I went, because she'd always see me crying for my Rainbow.

    But lots of parents are in a tough spot right now.

    Well, first of all, you can't be sure yet.

    A proffessional veterinarian can only tell you what your piggy has.

    If something sounds silly, then don't believe anybody that's just looking around for some questions to answer.

    A lot of people exaggerate, though, some don't. So don't go crazy over something.

    Just do what you can now... Keep your guinea's cage clean give it lots of Vitamin C, timothy hay (adults) alfalfa (babies or pregnant ones).

    Calm down and at least call a vet and tell them exactly what your piggy has, and see if they can give you any advice at all, or maybe if you know or know anybody who knows a vet, ask them if they can come over and help you out.

    So be positive, and your guinea pig should be alright :)

    Good luck, Hope I helped ^^

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    this could take a great style of time and persistence on your section. you could prefer to be delicate & quiet whenever you're round her, and not make any unexpected strikes. once you carry her, stroke her gently and feed her a carrot out of your hands. Guinea pigs are prey animals so as that they are continually going to be extremely skiddish of their cages, this is extremely commonly used. yet another ingredient which will rather get her 'out of her shell', is to get her a cagemate. verify petfinder for rescues/shelters close to you in looking her a healthful cagemate. in case you do no longer techniques mites, URIs, and lice you need to head to a foul puppy keep. you need to save the hot guinea pig in a separate room for 3 weeks, yet whilst they are presented it rather makes guinea pigs much less apprehensive and not afraid to come back as much as greet you!

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    Tell your mother that she should have never let you get a pet if she wasnt prepared for vet bills!

    I pray it isnt Tyzzlers ...

    TAKE IT TO THE VET!!!!!!

    It doesnt cost 'hundreds of thousands of dollars'

    Usually around 25-50

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    tell ur mother that i said take you to the vet yo get your piggy checked out now!! if something happens to that poor piggy its on her and she could be in serious trouble! ask your dad to pay half on the vet bill !

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    Mine had the same problem! my mom said vet cost too much! So i thought maybe it was the hay so i got rid of the hay for a few days and i used a different bedding. In a few days she got better. I hope i helped!

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