What is a cute back ot school outfit?

Im going into 7th grade. This summer i have grown and want to take on a new look of any kind! Links if possible plz

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  • 1 decade ago
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    a simple but cute look?

    try dark wash skinny jeans or if they're uncomfortable boot cut jeans.

    wear a bright and cute tank or tee and a denim vest for spring/summer which brightens the darkness of the jeans up wear flip-flops and ballet flats.

    and in winter wear a mainly dark coloured top with the jeans and cute hoodies like hollister ones. wear converse or keds because you're still young and also ballet flats. to brighten it up in winter, wear fluro loose necklaces.

  • 1 decade ago

    really im going to be in 7th grade too.. and i do need a new look.. i wanted scene hair. but it depends on how u want to look like.. atleast lay out something for people to see so they know what kind of outfit.. wat do you think fits you best?

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