Any of you breastfeeding mommies have this problem?

I take my baby with me everywhere because she eats about every 1-1/2 to 2 hours, the problem is there isn't anywhere to feed her when I'm out doing errands! It's very annoying. The car is like an oven, the public restrooms are icky.

Does anyone else have this problem? What do you all do? I can certainly breastfeed discreetly, I even have a little shawl thing for the purpose so no one would see a single thing, but I get tired of the disgusted stares.


My baby refuses to take a bottle.

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    Ignore those people and their disgusted looks. You have every right to do what you need to do to keep your baby healthy.Breastfeeding is protected by law and you can look up the specifics of your state here:

    You have the shawl to cover yourself so that no one sees anything, so you shouldn't feel pressured into being more discreet than that. I will latch my 5 month old on under a shawl so no one can see and then walk around the mall feeding him. People look, but it's none of their business.

    If you can't get past it, get a manual pump and pump a few ounces before you go out. Put it in a bottle and have it on hand to feed your baby to tide her over until you can find a comfortable place to feed her.

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    Hi, every shopping centre should have a parents room that is reasonably clean. Other wise I would sometimes just go and sit in a park somewhere it did become a pain if you were in the middle of a big shop but I just think it doesnt last forever and this time of breastfeeding is supposed to be a special time together not become a chore! otherwise if you can be descrete and have a cover then find a nice comfy corner in a food court or if there is a Myers where you are shopping they always have nice parents rooms. Remember it is your right to feed your baby we all eat and so do babies. it sounds like you are being considerate of others when you dont really have to be but it does make you feel better as all respectable people would.

    If some one is staring then it means they have courage so have some courage and stare back at them and smile and every time they take a bite of their lunch just sit and stare at them making know whats its like to be on the receiving end of a uncomfortable look!

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    I am 3 months into BFing, and I used the nursing cover in the beginning, then started just using nursing tops.(Only the kind that unclip at the top and drops down) I think it is more of a disguise! It looks like you are holding your baby and nothing more, but the shawl attracts attention (especially mine bc it's black and white crazy pattern!) I was at the Ocean City Boardwalk with just the nursing top and nobody looked twice! So far I surprisingly haven't had to deal with any rude stares. I dont know what the big deal is as long as us mothers are modest about our breasts while feeding! I'm sorry you have to deal with the stares, I'm sure I will get them soon enough. But just think, you never have to see those people again after they walk past you, AND you are doing what is best for your baby. Don't let the public discourage you! :)

    this was the top I wore at the boardwalk, I love it!

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    Focus on your baby when you're nursing in public. You'll never even see those stares! Get a sling and nurse on the go. It takes practice, but it's a wonderful skill to have.

    I agree with some others who say that the shawl draws attention to what you're doing, while just nursing discreetly doesn't. Don't bother with a nursing top unless you want to keep your tummy covered and you can afford one. Practice nursing in front of a mirror and in front of friends. You'll get the courage to NIP with no shawl that way.

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    I am usually too oblivious to notice stares, but have on occasion shot some pretty mean looks at folks that didn't move along and let my baby eat in peace. The only bottle that we had success with was the playtex nurser. We practiced a few times at home, and only with breast milk. It was pretty handy to have my husband feed the baby so I could get stuff done around the house, or have it to give him on the run, like when there are no benches available in the mall, or in the middle of wal-mart.

    I will be right there with you come december. But this is my third baby, and I am running low on modesty when it comes to nursing babies in public. =)

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    Who cares who looks! Tell them to grow up and get a life! I breastfed my son until 11 months and did it whenever and wherever i was if he was hungry he got fed, whether it be in the middle of the malls food court, in the airport, in a restaurant or even at the local pools.

    If people have a problem with it, thats there problem. I totally understand if you baby is still quite young it can be a bit daunting to do it in public the first few times, but it gets better

    I am 25 weeks pregnant and plan to breastfeed this one whenever wherever also

    Source(s): 20 year old mum who breastfed one and preparing to breastfeed the 2nd
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    I am in the exact same situation. I don't use anything to cover myself though. I used to but it is usually so hot that I don't want her to be uncomfortable. I do still make sure that no one can see anything though. I just make sure my shirt is covering my breast and her mouth. I recognize the stares but really don't pay any attention. I'm usually looking at her. I used to care about what people thought but she has made me not care about things like that. I feed her, I sing to her, I do whatever I need to for her and don't even recognize everyone else half the time. When I do I look at her and quickly get over it.

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    who cares who stares at you, your doing what ur suppost to feeding your child the natural way, tell them to bug off, lol, just look right back at them like there the ickiest person alive...because you should be proud of what ur doing. im proud that you breastfeed its a wonderful thing.

    i breastfeed, my baby does eat that often, cause she sleeps alot, but i have breastfeed in the car twice if you need to turn the air on go ahead and do it, but i would just breastfeed right out there, cause i dont give a crap what they say or how they stare.

    Source(s): im 18 and had my baby july 4 2009 my lilly bug is one month old today. if you do decide to pump and ur going to use a bottle use: playtex VentAire bottles the wide bottles, because the nipple is wide, they make the baby open there mouth wide which is the same as them latching onto a nipple..i had trouble breastfeeding because she wouldnt open her mouth enough and this bottle is actually what got her started breastfeeding..its a bottle that ur suppost to use if you dont want them to get confused over bottle and nipple. the wide one is the one the baby is drinking out of in the picture
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    i am a very private person so i have a problem breastfeeding in public. but who cares what other people think. but you can ask the places you go to if they have a private room that you can feed your baby in...if not then get a pump.

    also if ur in a store, go to a dressing room.

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    who gives a sh*T about what people say or must think about your baby health..your baby should come cant let people get to you..

    my sister also breast feed and every time she goes out with her baby i usually go with her and nobody gives her the dirt look or glare at her...and she does not have blond hair and blue eyes(no offense)..well my point is that she never experience such thing,,,i have failed to understand why you r going through this...

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