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My toilet keeps running after I flush?

Ok, sorry to gross you all out... but I took a number 2 in the bathroom, flushed and the water went all the way to the top and stayed like that for 15 minutes, when it finally went down to the bottom of the bowl i tried unclogging it and flushing it again, but it went back to the top and stayed like that again for 15 minutes. How do I fix it, because my bathroom smells like poop and i really need to flush the toilet to get rid of the odor!

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    Well toilets work based on a syphon effect. If there's something clogged in the tube, sometimes the pressure of the water on the bowl side will be enough to force it through eventually.

    It sounds like in your case not all of it got pushed through so there are still some gases escaping. You likely need to clear it out with a toilet plunger.

    Source(s): I've clogged PLENTY of toilets, believe you me.
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    toilet plunger that sucka

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