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Boy curly hair. please help...?

i need to know how to make my hair straight please help.. im blonde and i want my hair straigh.. i vote best answer fast.. give me a pic of a style or just how to get it straight.. thanks

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    you can just use a flat iron. i know lots of boys who use flat irons.

    Source(s): by the way, this is just me, but i'm a sucker for boys with curly blonde hair. :]
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    This is what you do so pay attention.

    1. Wash you hair

    2. Blow dry it

    3. put in a leave in conditioner or a hair serum ( Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine works very well.

    4. Section off the top and sides of your hair

    5. Straighten the sides and bangs first

    6. Then straighten the top

    Make sure when you are straightening your hair to have a window open or have a fan on so your hair cools down faster. Good Luck with your hair. :)

    Source(s): What I do every morning before I go to work. It takes about an hour so leave at least an hour to an hour and a half open to do your hair.
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    I'm not sure if u have tried or not, but u could use a straightener and buy some kind of hair heat protector or something so it doesnt damage ur hair as bad..hope i helped

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    Use a flat iron. There are many guys that use flat irons out there.

    Hope I helped!

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    a 20$ straighter at Walmart (Y)..

    Make sure your hair is dry and parted the way you want it before hand.

    Good luck

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    you can straighten it, but it takes a long time. if you want something easier, just get a straight perm

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    straighten it...but boys with curly hair are cute so i dont think you shoud change it

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