So this girl I met not too long ago asked me to be her date at her friend's wedding. my First time at a weddin?

This girl is going to school with me soon but this will be the first time I actually meet her (just before the wedding). How should I dress, what is appropriate/not appropriate? What is okay to say/not to say, do I bring a gift, when can I dance with her/what kind of dancing should I do. Basically anything you can give me I would love. Im 19 and have been to one wedding once when I was 13


and if you could tell me how to answer to some of the responses people leave that would help because I honestly can't figure it out :p this is my first time on yahoo answers so bare with me plz

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    Depending on the type of wedding (outdoors, church, informal/formal, black tie) is basically how you should dress. You have to ask her if the bride specified the type of dress required. Your best bet would be to ask what your date is going to wear and try to "match" her as best as possible. You can even ask her for a suggestion so she can tell you exactly what she thinks will work. If all else fails, you can't go wrong with a dress shirt, slacks and sports jacket.

    Since this is a friend's wedding, you don't really have restrictions. Say whatever you would normally say on a date... get to know her, your interests, how she met the bride...

    You are not required to bring a gift, but your date should.

    You can dance with her whenever she wants to dance! She's not in the wedding party right? Depending on the crowd (younger/older) is how you should dance. Keep things clean- you don't want to be known as the guy that was rubbing all over her friend.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    It's very important to dress appropriately at a wedding. Is it an afternoon wedding or an evening affair? For a casual afternoon wedding, a linen suit or like attire is fine - in the evening ramp it up a notch and bring out the black tie.

    Yes, you and your date should bring a gift - ask her what she'd like to do. You can always check a local Target to see if they're registered - if they're not, a gift certificate is always appropriate. You'll get the dancing thing when you scope the dance floor and see what everyone else is doing - just play along.

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