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I am really depressed and don't know why?

Is there anything you could suggest doing? I am crying and listening to music, and it's not helping.

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    Lily, are you very active? I find when I am feeling depressed that going outside in the sun and doing something active helps a lot. I also made a few changes in my diet to eat healthier which have helped.

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    With cell phones, MySpace, Face-book, e-mails and downloading no wonder people are depressed or bored. Technology is replacing human contact. No one ever really sit down with one another, talk, laugh and just act plain goofy anymore without some piece of technology in their hands and/or environment. I say turn off the music and volunteer to help a child or adult read. Start up a charity in your school and form a committee of students to teach reading. Your school counselor can help you get started. To see an adult smile because they can read is so rewarding. To see a child read is priceless! It is hard for depression to seep in when you are helping those that are less fortunate than you. Make a difference in your life and theirs. BTW if you don't like reading, then try something else that is just as worthwhile and rewarding. Good luck!

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    that means u have low selfstem go have fun see a movie,play around,talk on the phone but first find out why are u sooooo depressed about.

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    play games, watch movies, keep your mind off the depression and dont listen to sad musik, if you would like.. id talk to you =]

    juz email me on yahoo answers.

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