I need help!!! Please????? Read? PLEASE?

Ok so im 12 and turning 13 soon. Well when I was eight I got my ears pierced. But the girl didnt do it right so when she shot the earing into my left ear it didnt go all the way through so she had to take it out and do it again. A couple weeks later I went to clean my earings and the back of the earing was in but the front wasnt. Well the front of the earing had gone IN my ear and we had to forcefully get it out making my ear red and me in tears cause it hurt so much.

About five years later ( I got the piercing on my birthday and my birthday is soon) Im still scared to get my ears pierced. It just scares me that this could happen again. Is it weird that I think this? Is there any way to just get over it and get them pierced again? I really want to... but i really am scared. HELP

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    make sure you get someone experienced this time around so this all doesn't happen again with you in tears. Be strong, and not scared. Its not weird that your thinking this way, you just have to not be scared and go for it :D

    there are worse things in life.

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    Yea you should get your ears pierced again. I only say this from experience. This happened to me...When I was 9. Then I got my ears pierced again when I was 11. It was scary but it finally worked out! Don't be scared you will be fine! Just make sure you go to a person who knows what they are doing. Check on your ears EVERYDAY. Clean your ears everyday. I really really really really really really really helps! :)

    Good luck! (you won't need it! ) And no its not weird to think like that.

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    You had a bad experience and were very young at the time so it's understandable why you are scared to have them done again. The odds of having something go wrong are almost non existent.

    If you are too nervous wait another year or do it on the spur of the moment. Counting down to your birthday to have them pierced is making you more nervous than necessary...

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    well i went through a similar experience except it hurt even though my ears was pierced right. I close my eyes and breath in out or hold someone hands but mostly i also sit on my hands. i hope it helps :)

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