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is it possible for cancer to metastasize throughout the whole body without it attacking any organs?

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    Um, I believe you must not know what it means for cancer to metastasize. When cancer metastasizes, it moves from wherever it began to another place. Although technically it can move to your bones which is therefore not an organ, if it moves it is spreading... so it doesn't technically matter where it moves to. You must understand, cancer isn't something that is just there and is sometimes deadly, it doesn't just lay away without attacking, cells spread and that is what cancer is... abnormal reproduction of cells. You must also realize that if cancer starts out in the breast and metastasizes to another area such as your bones or lungs, it is still yet breast cancer. Although, one thing I find quite interesting, is certain cancers spread more to certain places... not because they are nearby or connected, but certain cancers move to the heart and certain cancers are more likely to be found in the bones, it's quite interesting. Anyhow, understand that your body is made of of tissues that are therefore organs that make up the systems of your body... cancer attacks... if it is there it is attacking your body, if it moves... it is attacking more of your body. If you have any other questions, and if it is regarding you or someone close to you, ask the oncologist, they can help you with these answers. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I'm glad to help and would be happy to help with any other questions you have.

    Source(s): My has had breast cancer for about three years entered remission once and cancer came back and metastasized into her bones and lymphnodes. I've researched a thousand times over the full idea of cancer from development, to treatment (traditional and alternative), to prognosis. Another source is the fact that I am now a pre-med student, so i got a lot of biology under my belt as well...
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    My teenage son had no major organ involvement with his type of abdominal sarcoma. His tumors grew freely within the abdominal cavity and metastasized within that cavity. The tumors did not 'attack' organs but actually sat on top of them or wrapped around them (during surgery they reported being able to 'peel' tumors off the organs). Some of the tumors were the size of volley balls and had begun to push the heart out of place. So . . I am not sure what you are asking . . but yes, desmoplastic small round cell sarcoma grows within the abdominal cavity and spreads . . there is no known specific organ that the cells arise from (although because it affects the young it is thought to be from the primitive cells associated with childhood).

    Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors: Cytologic, Histologic, and Immunohistochemical Features


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    The definition of metastasis is the spread of cancer to distant organs.

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    i dont think so because your entire body is made up of organs. how can it go around them? what would it attack? cellular membranes? but even our skin is an organ, were an organism made up of organ system

    ........ORGAN!!! lol

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