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HELP ME PLEASE! health insurance question?

I just got married at 19 and I didn't know that I don't have health insurance under my parents anymore. I bought my monthly prescription unknowingly under the insurance apparently...WHAT DO I DO? CAN I GET IN TROUBLE? HOW DO I FIX THIS???

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    The group/insurance company hadn't terminated you. Some won't go back some will. Just wait it out, you won't get in trouble, the insurance wouldn't have allowed you to use it if you had been terminated. Once the records are updated, they MAY send a refund request to your parents. At that time you will just have to pay the insurance company back

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    You won't get in trouble if it was an honest mistake. You might, however, get an invoice down the road. But maybe not. I would not lose sleep over it.

    I don't suppose you live in New York? If so, you may be in luck. The governor just signed legislation that makes dependent coverage available to young adult children even if the children are not financially dependent on their parents until the age of 29...even if they are married. I have attached more info below.

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    No problem - eventually, they'll send your parents a bill for it, after the paperwork catches up.

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