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My co-worker said I'm quiet. And that everyone else is yappy. I felt offended by this, even tho ...?

it wasn't intended to be hurtful. How should I take it?

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    I've spent 22 years worrying and wasting my life away because I felt so stupid being quiet.

    Then when I was searching for a job after I got my teaching degree, you have to advertise yourself. SUDDENLY it clicked!

    It's great being quiet. There are noisy people, there are averagely talkative people and there are quiet, silent types. There is nothing wrong with ANY of that. There are advantages and disadvantes to being quiet or "yappy". With quiet people, noisy people LOVE their company, because they don't get interupted! Quiet people are often very observant, because they spend less time yapping and more time watching. They are often sensitive, empathetic people who take pleasure in spending their time peacefully. In realising this, the social anxiety that I struggled with for about 10 years has left me. That's all the medicine I needed. To realise that I wasn't stupid or odd because I don't talk much or hate small talk. I am just as valuable as the next person.

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    Why be offended? Sounds like a compliment to me. Would you rather be considered yappy? If you are at work, it only makes sense to be quiet and not yappy. Yappy people don't get any work done.

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    I would take it as an observation/compliment. In general I think yappy tends to have negative connotations: gossipy, bad listeners, self-centered.

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    It was a compliment. Basically your co-worker was saying that the other workers talk too much. I like peace and quiet every once in a while myself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm the same, and I take it as a huge compliment.

    "Yappy" doesn't simply mean that others talk a lot, it is a disparaging word meaning annoying.

    People's constant yacking is very annoying to me.

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    It's not a criticism, just an observation. Maybe the person who said it wants to get to know you better and wishes you would be more open. It might be the overture to a friendship.

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  • take it as a compliment

    the world needs some quiet people

    yappers get annoying as often they don't say much

    quiet people are deep thinkers

    therefore usually have more intelligent things to say

  • 1 decade ago

    You may need to talk more.It was a hint, even though the other person didn't realize it.

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