why is it that when christians use the argument that ''something can never come from nothing''?

... they always neglect to realize that if their god did indeed create the universe, then that's exactly what happened. unless he got all these chemicals from elsewhere. if you know, please enlighten me.

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    we mean by natural processes.

    only God can bring something from nothing.

    natural processes can not do that cause something to appear from nothing.

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    1 decade ago

    Science explains the big bang was not from nothing but from a singularity that was all the matter and energy in the universe compressed into a single point that then expanded rapidly!!

    So it was always here!!

    But why are BAD christians always claiming the big bang came from nothing? Are they that ignorant? Did they sleep through school or is it that they know the truth but think they can twist it because everyone is gullible?!!

    Now let us see them try explaining where god got nothing from how he is supposed to have then produced everything from nothing!!! And if there was nothing where did god come from?

    Do they seriously suggest that good just existed in nothingness and then suddenly got the idea to start a relgion?!!

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    1 decade ago

    Before there was anything, there was God and his eternal existence. It is said that God created everything, this would not exclude the existence of time and/or space. If God existed within the realm of time, It would be unlikely that he created time. Since God was the one in whom limited the years of man, it is safe to say that he created time. Hence, God does not exist in the realm of time and space.

    If you take that into consideration, anything would be possible for a being that could create time.

    Edit " I was Christian and the fact that "God" has always been always bothered me a bit. I mean where'd he come from in the first place? When someone can answer that question I'll be ready for an answer."

    It won't make your faith in God any better than it is now my dear, I can assure you.

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    Part of orthodox christian belief is Creatio Ex Nihilo. Which refers to God creating out of nothing.

    I imagine that some people are arguing that the something is God, without which nothing could be created, as a protest to the concept of the universe just spontaneously arising from nothing with no assist from God.

    I am a Christian myself, but I can imagine the possibility of the Universe arising without a divine actor, yet I am inclined to see the divine at work. But I cannot prove this. It is simply an act of faith. Yet I once felt compelled to prove it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because your laws state specifically something can not come from nothing, yet your big bang theory is in complete contradiction.

    If you take the stance as Christians do, that God is all powerful, then he can create something from nothing, defying what we believe to be a law of our universe. If i made a system, where water cycles inside a jar for example, if creates lived in there they'd believe there is always the same amount of water. What would happen if a "all powerful" being like myself (to them) did add more water. It's not impossible for me to do that, but it would seem so for whatever was inside the jar

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Humanity is just funny like that. We live a grand total of 26 years, and we're an expert on the entire universe. We have never personally seen something come from nothing, ergo it can't happen. Our proud 12000 year heritage as an agrarian people with oral tradition, give us a tradition that stems back almost--but not quite the beginning of time, minus about 12 billion years. So we know what we're talking about.

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    If it's true that "something can never come from nothing" than how did God come to be? God had to come from somewhere or something by that logic. That logic completely discredits the Bible's quote that God always was because that means that God just existed, in other words, God came from nothing. That very quote contradicts the existence of God.

  • Hope
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    1 decade ago

    As a Christian, I don't say that "something can never come from nothing."

    This is what the Word of God says and I agree:

    1 Corinthians 1:28

    "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There had to have been a first. Something/someone that existed before anything else. Otherwise the question "where did that come from/" and then "where did that thing come from" would never end. It had to start somewhere, sometime, by someone. Where did the chemicals and everything else come from? Enter God.

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    I was Christian and the fact that "God" has always been always bothered me a bit. I mean where'd he come from in the first place? When someone can answer that question I'll be ready for an answer.

    Edit: Luke was Pantheist should get the best answer for this one!

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    It's not like anyone has the answer, on either side... yet we continue to bicker and fight like little children, who have not matured...

    Societal average age - 45. Societal MATURITY age - 7?

    Sheesh, what ever happened to "Agree to Disagree?" Why does everyone always have to be "right"?

    Oh right, it all goes back to the ego...

    It may sound mean and angry coming from me... but society needs to take a chill pill :D

    Look at a smiley face :D :) They make you HAPPAY!

    *Happiness Hug!*

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