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how do i get my boy friend to tickle me more?

i love it when he tickles me, i think its really sexy but i want him to do it more with out having to ask him

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    Weather permitting, wear clothing which exposes your midriff and armpits and feet when appropriate.

    Tickle him playfully and, when he retaliates, try not to beg and plead for it to stop or he might believe that you want him to stop and he will end the tickling early. Instead, while you are laughing, try saying things like "I'm ticklish! I'm ticklish! I'm ticklish!" or It tickles! It tickles! It Tickles!" or "Oh my God! Oh my God!" and try just laughing without blocking if possible. He will see that you enjoy it and he will probably tickle you more often.

    Hi might just become addicted to tickling you.

    All the best to you and HAPPY TICKLES!!!

    You can also make the losing bet. Find something to bet on that you will probably lose. If he is a sports fan, bet him that the opposing team with win/lose against his team (which ever will make you lose the bet) and bet him that if you win the bet, he owes you (fill in the blank) but if he wins the bet, you will probably regret it but he can tickle you from head to toe for 10 minutes.

    Source(s): I am a very ticklish tickler in San Diego and I am always happy to chat with anybody.
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    I know it can be difficult but the best way to get him to tickle you is simply to ask. However, if you can't bring yourself to do so then you may want to try putting your bare feet in his lap when the next time your sitting on the couch together. You could always try tickling him as well. More often than not this will cause the person in question to respond in kind by tickling you back.

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    Call him Mr. tickels. Your lovie tickle monster. Just use the word tickle!!!

    Tickle tickle

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    tie yourself to a bed, and put a sign on ur belly, tickle me or ill stay here all night. and he'll tickle you. worked for me.

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