why my 16 month old baby can't walk?

my baby weighs 10 kilos how much is that in pounds and she can't crawl or anything i weigh 36 kilos and i'm short 23 years old i'm breastfeeding her she wants to walk but to scared to stand up by herself shes 16 months i'm very scared what should i do? and i don't give her any other milk should i do that next to breastfeeding i went to the doctor and they said i didn'tr have enough calcium what should i should i do????

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    All babies develop different. some start walking before their first birthday and some just start walking later. My oldest started to walk at 11 months, my middle child started walking at 15 months and my baby now just started walking at 13 months. Just be patient and don't push her to fast on walking. just give her some time and keep on holding on to her while she is walking with the support.

    Source(s): Mommy to 3 beautiful kids who I adore so much.
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    I too am concerned about your weight. 36kg is very light for an adult woman. 36kg is just shy of 80 pounds. How tall (or short) are you? I know that breastfeeding sometimes contributes to weight loss and this is certainly the case for me, I am 5kg lighter than usual and that puts me at a BMI of 18.2, so you'd have to weight 140cm or less to be matching my BMI...are you that short? Or a little taller? Are you feeling healthy? Are you eating well?

    You have no reason to fear. It is normal to walk somewhere between 9 and 18 months. Is she otherwise developmentally normal? If so, don't worry yourself and just follow her lead. My boy was 14 months when he took his first unaided steps, I gently encouraged him by being about one adult step away and holding my arms open saying "Are you going to walk to mummy?!" there was just something about him that day that said he was ready to try:) He had been walking holding my hands for some time.

    Did the doctor say that you were lacking calcium in your own body, or that you could not provide enough calcium for your baby? Do remember that most doctors know very little about breastfeeding. A toddler gets 75% of his/her calcium needs from breastmilk. It is a myth that your milk "loses nutrients now your baby is 18mths", there is ample evidence that it has plenty of nutrients and is an important part of a toddlers diet. Well done you for continuing to breastfeed!

    Read up on toddler breastfeeding at www.kellymom.com before you see your doctor next. It pays to be well informed:)

    Source(s): Mother to 23 month old breastfeeder who doesn't drink any other kind of milk...he makes a face if he tastes cows milk and looks at me like I'm nuts for giving it to him! lol!
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    you only weigh 36 kilo?!?! i would go to the doctor and make sure you are healthy. Ask to be prescribed a calcium supplement which will help you and your baby. My son is 12 months and isnt walking and i dont think he will do for a little while yet, he is more than happy crawling

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    first of all don't stress. give her more cheese and other dairy product for the calcium. give her more belly time to strengthen her muscles. she may not be crawling or walking yet because she doesn't have to if you and other family members carry her and get her the toys or things other then food that she wants and not just putting it just in front of her to try and get herself. yes there will be crying only because she'll get frustrated

    that she can't get after about a minute you can give what ever it is to her only when she has tried to get it herself.

    at 12 months of age breast milk starts to lose the nutrients that your child need. I'm not saying you should stop breast feed keep going if you want I breast feed my children for 18 months i let them stop breast feeding when they wanted to.

    but don't stress too much they all develop at different times

    mum of 3

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    At 16months, a baby should be getting most of its nutrients from solids.

    I am really concerned that you only weigh 36kgs. No matter how short you are, that is dangerously underweight for an adult.

    See your doctor asap. Your baby is not thriving.

    Why do you only weigh 36kgs? Are you anorexic? bulimic? if so, not eating, or purging is not good for your breastmilk.As I said before though, at that age, your child should be mainly getting its food from solids. My son drinks one bottle a day of whole milk. He is 14months old, and been walking since 9months.

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    see your doctor

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