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resolution on my computer is way to low and evry thing on my screen is huge?

i have tryed to increase the resolution but it will not let me drag the bar its kind of an old computer how do i fix this

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    Judging by how worried you are it seems you lol'd before you troll'd.

    You may need to install the proper graphic card drivers.. if you have no idea of where to find out/locate these drivers then contact the person you bought your pc from

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    ...assuming you are using some version of Windows.

    If the bar is grey and on the left most likely your graphics drivers are not working properly. Maybe graphic drivers need to be installed.

    If the bar is all the way over to the right then you may be at your limit. Some old monitors will not display more than 800x600. Some old Graphics Cards will not display more than 1024x768. By old I mean very old, so if your computer is no more than 8 years old, it's probably a driver issue.

    Check Device Manager:

    open 'control panel' from the 'start menu'. Double click 'System'

    In WinXP click the 'Hardware' tab then click 'Device Manager'

    In Win98 click the 'Device Manager' tab.

    In Device Manager look for yellow question marks, or exclamation points. A question mark is a device without drivers, an exclamation point indicates there is some trouble with the device.

    If it's drivers you need, you will need to find out what kind of graphics card you have. If you have a major brand like HP, Compaq, Toshiba; It's best to visit the manufacturer website for help with drivers. If not then you might try looking up AIDA32. This handy app can help find out all kinds of information about your computer. It may not work on all operating systems though.

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